How To Play Glow Disc Golf

You can play glow disc golf any time of the year, but as fall comes it really picks up as night time comes earlier.

I will show you exactly everything you need and how to do it, as I wasn’t prepared and finding the information can be hard.

Disc Golf Glow Discs

Firstly you need to either get glow tape, glow stickers, glow discs

Glow Stickers & Glow Discs
Glow Stickers & Glow Discs
Glow Stickers & Glow Discs After UV Light
Glow Stickers & Glow Discs After UV Light

I will show you it takes seconds to light them up with a UV flashlight

You can expect them to staying glowing for a few minutes at a time, the glow berg is the best glowing disc I have ever had.

The glow stickers are extremely bright and work really well, you can customize your disc to your choosing, you can also get strips of glow tape. If you are using stickers or tape, remember to glow the bottom of the disc as well.

Which Flashlight To Get

The best flashlight to shine a glow disc up is a UV flashlight, you dont need a expensive one and they will work extremely flash at brightening your disc up in seconds.

You don’t need a crazy expensive UV flashlight as you seen in my video.

This can brighten your disc in seconds from just doing one circle around your disc.

Hang Lights/LED’s From The Basket

Depending on the group, we will bring one light or just hang lights as we play. If we have lots of people, we will hang lights on every basket for glow double rounds or multiple groups playing.

These are not the lights I have. I just went to the dollar store, but this is similar to show you the idea of what you should get.

You can get better lights depending on your budget and how you want to play the glow rounds, I find just a little light on the basket is all that should be there.

You don’t need to putt with a glow putter, everyone just brings the normal putter. Just be cautious and make sure nobody is on the other side in the dark in a danger zone to get hit.

Recommended Glow Discs

The Glow Buzzz is always a great choice and glows excellent.

Buzzz is also the most popular midrange in the world. You can’t go wrong there.

Proxy is my favorite throwing putter ever, so I would recommend it.

It glows great, and flies exactly to whatever throw you put it on.

My last recommendation would have to be the glow envy. It’s the big brother to the proxy, more stable, more fade. Just as good as the proxy. It glows just as well as the proxy.

Disc Golf Glow Rounds

It depends what course and how far you plan to be throwing for what discs you need to prepare for disc golf glow rounds.

If you are playing long courses with far shots, I recommend using glow tape or stickers on your fairway drivers. If you have pitch & putt courses, I recommend getting of the Buzzz, Proxy or Envy.

Get out there and enjoy the glow rounds, dress warm if you live in a cold climate and enjoy.