About Kelvin

I have been disc golfing for 14 years. I want to create a site with all the visible information for a beginners to advanced will learn tips and tricks I have adopted during my journey.

I will guide you with forms & techniques I have learned and researched from my 1000s hours in one place for you to find it all.

My mission is to have everything related to disc golf written here for everyone to learn and improve.

I have gone from max throwing 370 to 500+ in 2 years of taking it serious, I have played a long time just didn’t know disc golf had the potential it has grown into.

This was the first time I was trying to throw max distance this year and reached 525ft with a Heimburg destroyer as my max distance throw.

My form was sloppy, and timing was off when adding the additional speed for the distance and no practice. But I gained 70-80ft to my max distance throw this year alone.

The video is throwing a Zeus 498ft. It’s hard to see, but you can see it land far off in the distance near the top right of the ball diamond net. The air time of the disc is 9 seconds approx.